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National Innovation Challenge

National innovation challenge is a recurring project designed by the Threefold Social Impact Foundation for the secondary school, to revamp creativity, innovative mindset, and leadership through healthy competition in a spelling bee for junior secondary and innovation challenge for senior secondary schools. Our goal is to cover the nation of Nigeria with this project as soon as possible. Epe innovation which was the first edition has given us the courage to believe we can cover the whole of Lagos state by 2023 and all the nation soon. 


  1. To awake innovation among secondary schools students
  2. The Epe Spelling Bee is designed to boost the level of intelligence of students through the understanding of words. 
  3. The objective is to foster reading amongst students and boost their confidence, such that they are able to articulate words correctly and speak confidently wherever they find themselves. 
  4. To foster camaraderie, love, and care among participants.
  5. To create a healthy environment where schools and students can earn bragging rights.
  6. To ignite their love for reading, studying, and learning hence the benefits they stand to gain if they do.


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