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About Threefold Impact

What Inspires Us

The potential locked in the average Nigerian which has been proven in the way many Nigerians abroad excel. We have to make this country work too. Our love for Nigeria and Nigerians is what inspires us.

Core Values


We ensure all resources are well accounted for.


We constantly showcase reports of all engagements.


We finish every project we start.


We establish relationships and processes with locals to ensure projects are well looked after.


We are driven by heart lifting and way making passion for others.

Equal Opportunities +

Multiplied Goodwill

Threefold Impact is an initiative geared towards effecting positive societal change beginning at the grassroots level. We are convinced that Nigeria’s future leaders can come from anywhere, therefore we are driven to provide equal opportunities for every child.

We are creating conducive learning environments for children in underserved communities across the nation, Nigeria. We are on a mission to creating opportunities for children and youth to grow in local communities all towards the success of our nation in the present and the future.


Remi Odunsi

Remi Odunsi is a one-time beneficiary of public education in Nigeria, who has risen to become a successful serial entrepreneur. She is driven and determined to foster change on a national scale by focusing collective energies on creating safe and condusive learning environments for children in educationally underserved communities while facilitating highly impactful educational programmes to inspire and motivate young people to learn and grow.

Visit her website to know more.

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