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PAINT YOUR NIGERIA – (One big canvas: many visions) 


This initiative was designed to promote an act and art of responsibility among children between the age of 8 to 15. by becoming creative problem solvers.

To have a vision is good, to be responsible for the effective accomplishment of the vision is better. Paint your Nigeria is a program that encourages children with positive visions about Nigeria in tech, sciences, arts, and entertainment, and more, on a big canvas.

We have organized this program – PAINT YOUR NIGERIA to hone the creativity in every child and also build them as responsible leaders of ‘’today’’ to solve tomorrow’s problems.


  1. 1. To ignite the passion of a Nigerian child for Nationhood
  2. To ignite the interest of a Nigerian child about the economic-political sphere of the nation.
  3. To promote cultural respect in our diversity, and embrace ourselves as one Nation.
  4. To ignite a generation to embrace technology as an instrument of Nation building.
  5. To emphasize the impact of good character and attitudes towards success. 

PROJECT EXECUTION TIMELINE: May 27 and October 1st, 2022.

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