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The story of the Migrant Farmers’ School, Ita-Merin, is one where hope has met with disappointment again and again.

The feeling of victory after the uphill battle to get approval to start the school was short-lived when the only school building had its roof blown off during a storm. All entreaties for support in rehabilitating the building met with inaction on the part of the government parastatals involved.

However, the resilience displayed by both children and villages is noteworthy because despite all the setbacks, they would not allow their education to suffer. So, where else could they have their school but outdoors, under the flimsy shade of a tree? This situation of things persisted until our scouts, staff of Lushly Agric, discovered the situation and took it to heart.

While they have donated some materials, the job is far from done. With your donations we can give the children of Itamerin and other neighbouring villages access to quality education in a conducive environment. More updates coming soon!

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