Programmes by Threefold Impact

Primary Level of Education

Epe Educational Programme

As a social development organization, we have designed a series of impactful programs for primary and secondary schools in Lagos state starting from Eredo in Epe Local Government Area.

One of the programmes is specifically designed for primary schools, it is tagged “MA FI OWURO SERE”. It is a motivational programme designed to encourage primary school children to enjoy schooling through the provision of materials like school bags, pencils, notebooks, etc. and interaction with volunteers from tertiary institutions.


• To motivate primary school pupils to appreciate and value education from their childhood.

• To allow primary school pupils to interact with students of tertiary institutions from whom they can draw inspiration.

• To create hope in the hearts of primary school pupils to believe in the educational system.

Secondary Level of Education

Secondary School Programmes

Epe Spells! – A spelling bee competition for Junior Secondary Schools. This is designed to encourage students to appreciate words, their meanings and usage.

Epe Innovation Challenge – A project-based competition on real-world problem solving for Junior and Senior Secondary Schools. This aims to foster creativity and innovation among students leading to community and national development.

Epe Parliamentary Debate – A platform for young leaders in Senior Secondary Schools to share insightful thoughts on pressing national issues and global challenges.


• To nurture young minds to embrace innovative problem-solving dispositions towards every challenge in their immediate community and in the nation at large.

• To equip young minds with skills, abilities and thoughts required for effective 21st-century leadership

• To create hope in the hearts of secondary school students to believe in the liberation power of quality education.

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